It’s not easy to create an instant hit in fickle LGBT Atlanta. But that’s exactly what a group did on Sunday when they stuck their big fat pansies right where they belong – in front of the signs of anti-gay bigots during the Atlanta Pride parade.

Peppering their signature flowers with their own signs like “Love conquers hate,” “God adores you” and “PFLAG loves everyone,” the LGBT and allied flower power diffused the hate by walking along with them or standing in front of gathered groups, just like that Rainbow love brigade did in the park. The effort was a rousing success, and parade goers ate it up as they caught on.

“Look! They’re covering up the haters,” exclaimed one. “Oh my god I love it!”’

By Monday, word spread and photos of the brigade were shared on social media. A Pansy Patrol Facebook page with more pics popped up Tuesday and is drawing hundreds of fans.

Photos by Jan Ulery Bunten and Conal Charles via Pansy Patrol