Male buns and guns got heads turning in a different way at Jungle on Saturday. That’s when the pageant that flaunts men’s assets in drag glory returned to raise money for Pets Are Loving Support.

PALS Manly Miss America kicked off last year found its second manly winner as burly gents roughed up their cheeks to prance in wigs, makeup and pageant costumes to show off their fundraising muscles. Drag veterans Bubba D. Licious, Celeste Holmes and Edie Cheezburger were also on hand.

The winner was Miss Utah DaFonda Virtue (top photo). She's better known by her boy name David Lile, and she raised $3,500 for PALS through votes and tips. The overall event raised $21,000. Much like last year, the crowd loved it. And much like last year, it was a mess –  in a good way. 

Photos by Ryan Vincent and Sher Pruitt