Packed wedding issue of Q mag starts with love

Dykes, activists, fashionistos, lesbian brides, gay grooms and people from no fewer than 10 gender identities come together in this week’s Q magazine. The one thing that ties them all together is love, and that concept popped back up via perhaps the only straight dude in our whole wedding issue.

“It all starts with love,” Miguel Wilson told me as part of our interview about his custom men’s formal wear. With two gay sons of his own and LGBTQ clients galore, I figured out pretty quickly that I’d love Wilson and his work even if some of his other customers didn’t include style icons DJ Khaled and 2Chainz. 

Also starting with love are the female brides in our cover shoot by Love Is Love Photography. They pulled together a village of other vendors to show just one possibility of a dream ceremony, and we think you’re going to love it.

Bolstering this week’s theme, we also offer queer-friendly wedding venues and a slew of advertisers catering to same-sex couples from flowers to jewelry to cakes and beyond.

Even when it’s not about getting hitched, being LGBTQ in the ATL is still about love. The call to action from columnist and activist Bentley Hudgins is more about self love and preservation, and love history is on the mind of Dykes on Bikes President Vava Vroom, who sets the stage for a QueerStory Stonewall 50 event. 10 Queer Things loves a well expressed gender identity or intentional lack thereof.

The reader writing in for this week’s advice column is not ready to tie the knot. Still, the love is big, and the lessons yet to be learned in their relationship are plentiful.

Now ask yourself, what is it that you love? The week’s best datebook options during a busy Stonewall Month? Photos of recent soirees? Regular readers already know we have that for you, plus the latest Q News every day on Project Q Atlanta.

We hope you love it as much as we love you. Shoot me a note and let me know: [email protected]. Read the full issue online here:


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