Our favorite Miz Cracker quotes as she heads to Atlanta

You may know her best as a blonde, and you might even know her better as a pickle. Arguably eliminated before her time on Season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and definitely unfairly compared to the ultimate season winner Aquaria, Miz Cracker made an impression that’s lasting well past the season itself and way beyond the typical 15 minutes of fame.

Cracker’s comic timing was sealed as one of her biggest assets in a skit where she made the most of being cast as an unglamorous pickle. So much so, Wussy mag names its Saturday party at My Sister’s Room ‘Valley of the Dills’ in her honor.

As a celebration of her arrival in town and a preview of the event featuring multiple performances, we bring you our favorite Miz Cracker quotes, from funny to serious. As the queen herself would say, “Dill with it!”

‘OK, it’s time for dinner!’

“They not only know how to tie a corset, but how to untie a crippling anxiety.”

"Come for the face, stay for the crazy."

"Drag is a contact sport."

"Pride is, for me, recognizing that we have so far to go as queer people in America, but we have so fucking much to be grateful for."

"That's Miz Cracker, spelt like the snack and the racial slur."

"I'm thin, white and salty. And that's what makes me a cracker."

"There are no accidents in fisting."

"I'm a Jewish Barbie on bath salts."

“Know yourself.”

"I'm not only dressed as a pickle... I am actually a pickle.”

Valley of the Dills takes place Saturday, July 20 at My Sister’s room. It's just one among dozens of Queer things to do in Atlanta this weekend.