Much of gay Atlanta was eyeing and devouring Chris Flores’ cakes and buns long before now. As of Wednesday, you can drop in unannounced and get a fix in his new storefront open for business in Decatur.

Not content to satisfy your cravings for delicious baked goods only at local LGBT events (top photo), occasional popups or by special order, Flores opens Ratio Bakeshop on Commerce Drive in downtown Decatur on weekdays with a huge show of support.



If you haven’t already jumped in the car to sample these to-die-for wares for yourself, prepare to make your Run For The Carbs by letting these images touch your sweet spot. Look and eat all you want. He’ll make more.

Brioche doughnuts with chocolate glaze.



Apple almond danish and Morning buns.



Strawberry stacks.



Chocolate caramel tarts with toasted almond toffee.



Berry crostata.



But it's not all sugary-sweet. Chèvre, roasted tomato, green onion quiche.



Goat cheese, roasted tomato and arugula danish.



Ham and grueyere pastries.



Or stop by for fresh-bakes ciabatta or baguettes.



Finish off with a hazelnut fudge brownie. Yeah, that's the stuff.



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