Move over, Brittney Griner. There’s a newly out basketball lesbian in town, and she’s all ours. Atlanta Dream star Angel McCoughtry officially came out on Instagram to decry anti-LGBT discrimination.

The worst-kept secret in the WNBA might have been the Dream forward, ESPN nude Body Issue model, and Olympic gold medalist’s sexual orientation. Anyone with eyes could see that the player herself wasn't trying very hard to hide it.

McCoughtry (top photo) is prolific on Instagram. That's where scores of lesbian fans didn't have trouble reading between the lines of frequent posts from all over the world with actress Brande Elise, her longtime girlfriend (bottom photos).

But until now, McCoughtry hadn’t actually said the words publicly. That changed Tuesday.

And the revelation came with a declaration of love for Elise and a not-so-thinly vieled diss to the Turkish league she played for in the American off-season until a falling out last month.


As it turns out, drama over her leaving in Turkey kept Turkish media all over the story. Once the coming-out post went up, news of the couple’s engagement party soon followed.

Then the rest of us started taking a second look at those Instagram pics. Restroom selfies together, exhanging cloying glances? Yep, all those savvy lesbian fans were onto something alright during those years when McCoughtry was talking around the gay question.

Lord knows we love Brittney Griner long time, and of course we all have a place in our hearts for former Atlanta Hawks player Jason Collins. But this one's special. Welcome home, Angel. Welcome home.

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