imageEverything’s done but the voting. So before you do that, take a look at the gay stump speeches of Mary Norwood and Kasim Reed, who have been crisscrossing Midtown to make their mayoral pitch.

Reed and Mary Norwood are hopscotching their way through Midtown holding LGBT events, press conferences and meet and greets to snare each and every gay vote they can.

Team Norwood was there Friday at Outwrite, Blake’s and other gay spots. Team Reed was there Saturday shaking hands at Ansley Mall.

imageAnd it’s no coincidence Norwood and Reed are doing all of that in District 6, which includes its own runoff for the Atlanta City Council. That race is expected to draw out voters in larger numbers because LGBT Midtown voters are interested in that race’s gay candidate, Alex Wan. Increased gay voter turnout for Wan could provide a boost to the mayoral candidate who offers the most convincing pitch.

Put another way, the mayor’s race is in a dead heat and gay votes could play a critical role.

So, take a listen to the gay stump speeches from each. Norwood’s came during a Nov. 18 rally that drew more than 400 supporters at Amsterdam. Reed delivered his two days later during a Nov. 20 meet and greet with about 50 people at Einstein’s.

If you need more, read the gay case for Kasim Reed and the gay case for Mary Norwood.