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Thursday: 21 gay things to do today

A tradition as old as the 40-hour work week itself: start the weekend on Thursday night. Click your picks from these options for the detailed scoop, or click to view our full list at the end.    READ MORE »

Lounge Thursdays embraces its ‘Alter Ego’

If you haven’t been to Lounge Thursdays yet, this is the week to acquaint yourself, as the posh weekly party at the W Midtown showcases Paul Wolski’s popular Alter Ego Pop Art.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 15 gay things to do today

More than a dozen get togethers make your Wednesday oh-so gay. Click your faves for details on an Underwear protest, Pride lead-up events, a candidate mixer, “Glee” watch parties, and more.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 18 gay things to do today

With so much to make Tuesday gayer, use our top picks to narrow the field. Big Gay Supper Club, Miss Gay Cobb County and heartthrob Jay Brannan are just a few of our gay-vorite things.    READ MORE »

Monday: 15 gay things to do today

Yes, it’s Monday. Get over it with these events that give you something to look forward to. Politics, arts, movies, games, gatherings and drag. Pick your favorites, and click for details.    READ MORE »

Roland Belmares wields a double-headed disco

We always love a man who knows how to use his toys. But DJ Roland Belmares’ return to Atlanta at both the Heretic and Bodyshop in one night proves this guy has stamina, too.    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do today

Thank gay it’s Friday, and thank gay Atlanta for tonight's options you can dream about while you work. Click the links for detailed entries on sports, galas, artists and cocktails to look forward to.    READ MORE »

Mary’s calls all ‘Queers, Beers and Rears’

We’d all like to think we are as cool as the guys at Mary’s. But let’s face it, no matter how much you say, “We partied like rock stars,” this East Atlanta bar actually does it-–all the time and again on Friday.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 26 gay things to do today

Make your Thursday gayer. Record “Project Runway,” because you’ll be busy with meet & greets, concerts, discussion groups, movies, and hey, you look like you could use a drink.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 15 gay things to do today

Put a little gay in your Tuesday. Network your gay business, meet a gay candidate, watch gay sports, play gay games, listen to gay radio, or sing your song at a gay bar.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 33 gay things to do today

Options to be with your gays on Saturday can be a little overwhelming. Make sense of it all with the Gay Agenda of sports, festivals, politics, exhibits and enough nightlife to party until dawn.    READ MORE »

Friday: 21 gay things to do tonight

Gay Atlanta turns Friday out. If your week demands cocktail treatments or theater therapy, stress-relieving sports or dancing, or you just need a good laugh or cry, these events heal what ails you.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 20 gay things to do today

Your Thursday just got a whole lot gayer. Out on Film concludes, fun fundraisers, two Atlanta authors, Screen on Gotham Park's "Legally Blonde," then it's Mo Time at the bars.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 15 gay things to do today

What’s gayer than Hump Day itself? Glad you asked: Dine & Stride into Pride, Out on Film with Jim Grimsley, Midtown candidates, Melissa Ferrick at Eddie's, and bars that never sleep.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 20 gay things to do today

Tuesday is all about community. Back a political candidate, mingle with other professionals, meet a local poet, chat with YouthPride, play games or hit the town.    READ MORE »

Monday: 18 gay things to do today

The weekend may be over, but your to-do list never ends. One-night-only movies, the police forum over the Eagle flap, Lynnee Breedlove’s “Confessions” (photo), and the bars keep you busy.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 25 gay things to do today

Almost 24 hours of options make Saturday the gayest day of the week. Sports, Blessing of the Pets, Out on Film's 'Eating Out 3' for Project Q Night, and after hours until dawn.    READ MORE »

Friday: 18 gay things to do today

Kick off your gay weekend with a Friday of special guests. Out on Film's "The Big Gay Musical" (photo), DJ Chris Griswold mixes Mixx, queens hold court, and other Fierce, Fresh, Aqua & Retro options.    READ MORE »

‘Club Pride’ rocks park pool during Pride festival

In a year that forced the Pride Committee to think outside the box to drum up interest and funds, the festival now features a club party with DJ Paulo (photo) at Piedmont Park during the festival.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 17 gay things to do today

Thursday is so gay, it'll keep your mind off the months rolling by. Kick off October in style with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, "Pagan Heaven," Comicpalooza and "First Wives Club."    READ MORE »