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Who’s got a sweet tooth for Positive Impact?

Supporters of Positive Impact took their sweet tooth to Castleberry Hill Saturday for the 16th rendition of Parties With Impact, a popular dessert reception that raises funds for the HIV non-profit.    READ MORE »

Monday: 17 gay things to do today

Just another manic Monday? Don’t sweat it. As the day settles down, LGBT Atlanta peps up with plenty to ease your mind. “Connie and Carla” and other remedies are among our Monday favorites.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 26 gay things to do today

It's You Time. Join the literati at the Queer Lit Fest and Charis birthday bash, eat and drink up at Parties With Impact featuring Alexis Vear, or tell Mr. DJ you want to dance with your baby.    READ MORE »

Parties With Impact shares its sweet success

Positive Impact already wins our hearts with a mental-health approach to HIV/AIDS. But if the way to your heart is through your sweet tooth, Saturday’s dessert reception is truly a recipe for success.    READ MORE »

Friday: 22 gay things to do tonight

Some have said they plan to sleep until Sunday to catch up from the Pride/ Halloween/ Election madness. The Gay Agenda has other things in store, starting tonight. No rest for the wicked.    READ MORE »

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Pride gets ‘Heavenly’ for hundreds of lesbians

For hundreds of women, the start of their annual Atlanta Pride celebration beings with the Heaven party. From a dance floor to a lounge and plenty in between, the event offers a little something for everyone.    READ MORE »

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Pride kickoff event packs Georgia Aquarium

More than 2,000 people put a gay twist on the axoim swim with the fishes on Friday, helping launch a weekend of Pride events with a dance party at the Georgia Aquarium.    READ MORE »

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Sunday: 31 Pride things to do today

We’ve got your Pride right here. The parade comes with watch parties and brunches, what’s up in the park, and enough pre- and post-festival events to make gay Atlanta Proud--and exhausted.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 46 Pride-O-Ween things to do today

Try being in almost 50 places in a day. Unless you’re costume is the Eric Dane/Multiple Men mutant from X-Men or you're secretly cloning, we can only lay out the options, not get you there.    READ MORE »

Friday: 36 gay things to do today

We often kid about how many gay events are on any given day. Our top picks help you sort through three dozen events full of Pride-O-Ween magic—and that’s just Friday. Seriously.    READ MORE »

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Aquarium bathes Pride kickoff in rainbow colors

Months of anticipation and a week of LGBT people jumping on board in the name of Pride culminate at Friday’s official Atlanta Pride Kickoff Party at the Georgia Aquarium.    READ MORE »

Kim Zolciak pleases the gays at Blake’s

Kim Zolciak hit Blake's again and this time, she left the drama behind. And pardon us for this, but she wasn't even "Tardy for the Party." It was a bit tough to pick her out in a crowd of drag queens, though.    READ MORE »

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Thursday: 26 gay things to do today

All aboard the Pride train. Venues and organizers are tripping over each other to make this the gayest week of 2009. Today's top picks include Pride art, sports, politics, parties and fashion.    READ MORE »

PALS bingo Strides Into Pride tonight

Pride and Halloween collide on Saturday, but what better way to get a sneak peek at the parade of costumed queens sure to be out than with a special edition of PALS bingo tonight?    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 19 gay things to do today

Pride-O-Ween Week seems to grow each night. Opening night of Mary Edith in “Die Mommie Die,” writer Rita Mae Brown, a special Queer Poetry Slam and much more dot Tuesday’s gay landscape.    READ MORE »

Perfect match: Mary Edith & ‘Die Mommie Die’

Even year-round performers get more creative around Pride, and perhaps no event this week combines Halloween’s camp horror with gay culture more than Mary Edith Pitts in “Die, Mommie, Die.”    READ MORE »

Saturday: 27 gay things to do today

Saturdays were made for lovin' you, baby. Gay Atlanta cranks it up a notch with events from poetry and burlesque to a gay Iraq War vet, from local talents to international sensations.    READ MORE »

DJ Escalante knows we like our Mexican spicy

It’s been a while since Carioca Productions brought almost-weekly parties to Atlanta, but a Saturday appearance at Jungle by DJ Isaac Escalante lets us taste what we’ve been missing.    READ MORE »

Friday: 24 gay things to do today

Two dozen get-togethers are what make Friday so gay. Happy hours, Jerusalem House Halloween Bash, artsy pursuits, benefits and more bar nights than you can handle.    READ MORE »

‘Carnevale’ masks partiers but exposes its cause

The Jerusalem House Halloween Bash on Friday may be gay Atlanta’s best annual costume party, but it also raises awareness for one of the city’s most loved AIDS housing programs.    READ MORE »