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Tuesday: 20 gay things to do today

Tuesday is all about community. Back a political candidate, mingle with other professionals, meet a local poet, chat with YouthPride, play games or hit the town.    READ MORE »

Monday: 18 gay things to do today

The weekend may be over, but your to-do list never ends. One-night-only movies, the police forum over the Eagle flap, Lynnee Breedlove’s “Confessions” (photo), and the bars keep you busy.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 25 gay things to do today

Almost 24 hours of options make Saturday the gayest day of the week. Sports, Blessing of the Pets, Out on Film's 'Eating Out 3' for Project Q Night, and after hours until dawn.    READ MORE »

Friday: 18 gay things to do today

Kick off your gay weekend with a Friday of special guests. Out on Film's "The Big Gay Musical" (photo), DJ Chris Griswold mixes Mixx, queens hold court, and other Fierce, Fresh, Aqua & Retro options.    READ MORE »

‘Club Pride’ rocks park pool during Pride festival

In a year that forced the Pride Committee to think outside the box to drum up interest and funds, the festival now features a club party with DJ Paulo (photo) at Piedmont Park during the festival.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 17 gay things to do today

Thursday is so gay, it'll keep your mind off the months rolling by. Kick off October in style with Atlanta Celebrates Photography, "Pagan Heaven," Comicpalooza and "First Wives Club."    READ MORE »

Fantasy Girls gets a little ‘Glee’ tonight

With drag personality Nicole Paige Brooks (photo right) at the helm, there's no telling how the evening might unfold. That's the case when Brooks hosts Fantasy Girls each week at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 14 gay things to do today

Give a little, get a lot. Fun for funds is the gay motto for Wednesday, with Shop & Dine or Sing-along (photo) against HIV/AIDS, Stride into Pride toward the big festival, and a guerilla invasion for equality.    READ MORE »

Armorettes toast 30 years of tips to fight HIV

More than 300 people spent Sunday reliving their favorite moments with the Armorettes, a camp drag troupe started in the early days of HIV to raise money one tip at a time to help fight the disease.    READ MORE »

Monday: 16 gay things to do today

After a whole day trying to get the work-week started, put some gay into your Monday. Movies on the patio, poker, sushi, Chris Glaser (photo), and several options to drown your Monday miseries.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do today

Don't start thinking about Monday. Sunday won't let you. Eat brunch, go to PALS Rubbing Noses, Fall Ball opening day, Armorettes 30th Anniversary (photo), and bars that can't let the weekend go.    READ MORE »

Armorettes look back, forge ahead after 30 years

How do you measure 30 years? How much have you learned? How many friends have you gained or lost? That’s the Armorettes thinking as they plan their 30th anniversary show on Sunday at Jungle.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 23 gay things to do today

Make Saturday gay all day and all night. Family conference, Southern Comfort, Softpaw softball, women's rugby, Castleberry Loft Tour, granola girls and DJ Joe Gauthreaux (photo) are all in the mix.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 19 gay things to do today

Thursday brings out the L,G,B and/or T in you. Southern Comfort, 'Butch Factor,' the culture of 'Staring,' and really, What Would Morrissey Do? Britpop Revisited, among other nightlife events.    READ MORE »

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A rainbow of Pride lead-up parties

Even though it's been a tough year for Atlanta Pride, the group revitalized its community partnerships, resulting in a slew of events leading toward the big gay festival.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 13 gay things to do today

Tuesday gets that much more queer with the Southern Comfort Conference, Social Tuesdays, the last tribute to E. Lynn Harris (photo), PinkEye Queer Film Salon, and bar theme nights.    READ MORE »

Monday: 15 gay things to do today

Monday's gay as a Lady Gaga song: Show your 'Poker Face,' best-seller for 'Money Honey,' stars mug for the 'Paparazzi' and on the edge for 'Boys Boys Boys.' 'Eh Eh Nothing Else We Can Say.'    READ MORE »

Sunday: 13 gay things to do today

Make a rainy Sunday not so blue and oh so gay. Day two of Rosh Hashanah, two events with your Papi, the Armorettes (photo) say goodbye to Burkhart's, and bars extend your weekend.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 31 gay things to do today

It's a big Saturday in gay Atlanta. The second protest against the Eagle raid, the Cotillion Ball, Kyle Keyser's House Party, and Superstars of Drag are just the tip of the iceberg.    READ MORE »

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Ticket Giveaway: Wanna see drag superstars?

Of all the gay things to do Saturday we want to make it easy for you to see some superstars. Superstars of Drag, that is. Think Charlie Brown, free tickets and free drinks.    READ MORE »