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Monday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

President's Day is an awesome way to recover from weekend madness. Put your head on straight—so to speak—then check Atlanta’s LGBT to-do list for activities to make it last.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are just a few local LGBT options to show your love, your sex—or to give Cupid the boot. Click the link at the bottom of the list for even more.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 29 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Sex, love and rock and roll. It’s Valentine’s Weekend in the ATL, and these LGBT events ask if you’re feeling sexy, romantic, commitment-oriented or commitment phobic.    READ MORE »

PALS marks 20 years with special bingo [photos]

With a resolution from the Atlanta City Council in hand, Pets Are Loving Support celebrated 20 years of assisting critically-ill Atlanta residents with their pets during a special bingo event on Wednesday.    READ MORE »

Friday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Get through the work day, then ring in Valentine’s weekend with a little help from Project Q’s community calendar: a little sex, a little pageantry, a little music, and a whole lotta love.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Thursday kicks ATL's big gay Valentine calendar into full swing. Other events won't make single people bitter so early in the week, including Cabbagetown stories, DJ birthday and leisurely pursuits.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 30 gay things to do in Atlanta today

This many LGBT events should breeze you right through Hump Day. The list of things to look forward to features 20th Anniversary Bingo, a Hot Chip CD release and “Abstracts of Love.”    READ MORE »

Football league hosts Super Bowl social [photos]

Only a gay bar could offer this nightlife dichotomy: Queens cheering on a drag show on one floor with jocks cheering on their Super Bowl favs a floor above them.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 26 gay things to do in Atlanta today

We’ll see your Tuesday and raise you more than two dozen fun events—from poker and bingo nights to poetry nights and beyond—to put on your ever-growing to-do list.    READ MORE »

Woofs enjoys full house for Super Bowl [photos]

If you ever need evidence that the National Football League appeals to gay fans, look no further than Woofs on Super Bowl Sunday. So take that, Donny Deutsch.    READ MORE »

Take a bite out of five gay V-Days in Atlanta

One day isn’t good enough when it comes to LGBT love. Valentine’s Day isn’t until Sunday, but gay Atlanta starts early with art shows, a film fest, parties, commitment ceremonies and more.    READ MORE »

Monday: 21 gay things to do in Atlanta today

You got Monday, whether you want it or not. Make the most of it by looking forward to one of these local LGBT events that help you shake off the beginning of the workweek.    READ MORE »

Saturday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

It’s You-o’clock. Do you know what you’re doing today? Whether you’re L, G, B or T, a party hound or more laid back, a little bit country or a little bit rock and roll, we have some suggestions.    READ MORE »

Friday: 23 gay things to do in Atlanta today

All dressed up and no place to go? Wrong. LGBT Atlanta lays out a little something for every taste, from live music to art, beer busts to theater, and from throbbing beats to West Coast Swing.    READ MORE »

God-Des & She set to rock Bellissima on Friday

A stint on “The L Word” made their song “Lick It” a lesbian anthem. But the duo God-Des & She were bucking conventions long before then, and they’re sure to keep it up for their return to Atlanta.    READ MORE »

Thursday: 20 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The only boy who could ever teach us was the “’60s Son of a Preacher Man” edition of Melloween... except maybe the Black Eyed Peas Afterparty. A full list of bar nights, shows and other events.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Yes, conservatives, there is a Gay Agenda. It’s a calendar for every day and night of arts, issues, nightlife, meetings, support groups and more events of LGBT interest in Atlanta. Deal with it.    READ MORE »

Tuesday: 24 gay things to do in Atlanta today

Gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy lunch, radio show or club night face. Or put on your game face for water polo, volleyball, or more leisurely choices than you can shake your stick at.    READ MORE »

Monday: 16 gay things to do in Atlanta today

No matter how you felt when you woke up, you’ll get through Monday just fine. Even better if you take advantage of LGBT-ATL events from art to sports, drag to “Drag Race,” feminism to party boys.    READ MORE »

Sunday: 17 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The sun breaks through the clouds like a divine directive: Get off your butt, get out of the house and get with your gays, whether it’s at a house of worship or one of the Churches of the Poison Mind.    READ MORE »