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Girdles for guys? Yes, that’s right

imageIn a development that pushes even limits of even metrosexuality, girdles for guys are catching on.

Australia-based Equmen comes out Jan. 10 with its Core Precision Undershirt, a body-slimming shirt designed to trim a few inches off around the middle through engineered compression technology.

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Creating a gay escape in Morningside

imageIt's always fun to peek inside the home of folks who know how to decorate. That's what HGTV is all about, right?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution took a look inside the Morningside home of designer Chip Cheatham and realtor Ken Covers, who created an escape within their 3,500-square-foot through a fusion of Asian design and natural materials.

A sense of restfulness washes through the couple’s Morningside home, starting with the neutral color scheme and clean design and flourishing in thoughtful details like the pitter-patter of a backyard waterfall and the mix of natural materials and soothing background music that suggests it’s time to exhale.

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Stonewall 2.0 claims victims in California

imageMarjorie Christoffersen (photo) knows the burn of a gay man scorned.

She's the manager of a once-popular gay hangout in Los Angeles. After opponents of Proposition 8, which repealed same-sex unions in that state, learned that she chipped in $100 to support the ballot measure. they turned on her and the restaurant.

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Atlanta gay coalition wants Warren dropped

imageA coalition of black gay and lesbian activists called on officials of Ebenezer Baptist Church to rescind an invitation to a controversial pastor who will lead commemorative services for Martin Luther King, Jr. next month.

The call by the Atlanta Black LGBT Coalition, which formed last month to support social justice issues, was issued Dec. 24, just days after reports surfaced that Rick Warren, the California pastor embroiled in a controversy over his anti-gay views, would keynote the Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service at Ebenezer on Jan. 19.

The next day, Warren is expected to deliver the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration, an invitation that has sparked criticism from gay and lesbians across the country.

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Rick Warren coming to Atlanta for MLK Day

imageRick Warren is coming to Atlanta.

The conservative mega pastor is scheduled to keynote the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday festivities in Atlanta in January. Warren has been embroiled in a national controversy over his anti-gay views since he was selected earlier this month to deliver the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration.

News of the Atlanta visit by the pastor of 22,000-member Saddleback Church in California broke on Monday, though King Center officials say they invited Warren to speak last May, well before the recent controversy erupted.

Warren’s Atlanta speech is already drawing interest from some gay activists who are considering whether to organize protests on Jan. 19, when the pastor is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at 10 a.m. during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Annual Commemorative Service at Ebenezer Baptist Church. His stop in Atlanta comes a day before he’s expected to deliver the invocation at Obama’s swearing-in on Jan. 20.

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Pampering the pup with a set of stairs

imageRecession be damned. My dog needs a staircase for the bed.

Pets are like people for most of us, especially in our gay families. So it's no surprise that as the bedding industry has raised the height of its products, the pet stairs business is booming. There's a medical reason, of course, as vets are seeing more dog injuries as they jump from high beds without fear. But there seems to be a bit of pampering at play, too.

Even amid the downturn, pet stairs are strong sellers. "From day one through today our pet segment has been steady, growing by 10% annually," says Joel Lederhause, owner of Discount Ramps.Com, which about five years ago added pet ramps to a wide range it sells for other purposes.

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Gays rally for equal rights at Atlanta malls

imageAbout 50 gay and lesbian protestors marched through a busy intersection on Saturday afternoon to call attention to marriage equality.

"All I Want for Christmas is Equal Rights" was the second day of action in metro Atlanta since California voters approved Proposition 8. The measure overturned a court ruling allowing same-sex marriage. The Nov. 4 vote in California sparked protests across the country, including two events in metro Atlanta that attracted an estimated 1,500 people to the State Capitol and a candlelight vigil that drew hundreds to the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street.

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Hey boss! It’s ‘Day Without a Gay’ today

imageIf you haven't noticed, it's "Day Without a Gay" today. It's becoming the not-so-successful follow-up to the widely popular series of rallies held across the country on Nov. 15.

Those protests, which included five across Georgia, were organized by Join the Impact, an online effort that galvanized after Prop. 8 was approved by California voters in November. The measure overturned the legalization of same-sex unions in the state.

Today, organizers are asking gay and lesbian employees to call in "gay" and take the day off work to demonstrate our numbers and economic impact. The boycott has gained national attention in the media, though it's tough to quantify the success of this boycott.

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Atlanta activist tapped to co-chair HRC board

Ken Britt, a longtime player in Atlanta's elite gay circles, has been tapped to co-chair the board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign.

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More props for Toy Party & Silent Auction

That the Toy Party was a resounding success on Sunday is not a surprise. In its sixth year, the annual toy drive delivers thousands of presents to its beneficiaries each time thousands of gay men and lesbians (and others) attend.

(View the Project Q Atlanta photo album and read Monday's post about the event.)

But the event also received a mention in Peach Buzz, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's entertainment, buzz and gossip column.

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What could $60,329 buy for gay Georgians?

imageThe battle over Proposition 8 reached into the pocketbooks of some 308 Georgians. But could the money have been better spent?

The anti-gay marriage amendment California, which voters approved on Nov. 4, received nearly $72,000 in donations from supporters and opponents across Georgia, according to Southern Voice. The newspaper reviewed donations through a donor tracker from the Los Angeles Times that allows you to find out who gave donations of $35 or greater and find them based on name, city, zip code or state.

Of the $71,579 in donations from Georgia, $60,329 was from opponents of the measure, with $11,250 from those supporting. Both sides on the Prop. 8 battle raised a combined $75 million to fund their campaigns.

But could those thousands of dollars in donations be better spent in Georgia?

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Out & Equal launches Atlanta affiliate

imageOut & Equal Workplace Advocates launched its Atlanta affiliate last week with a packed event that called attention to longtime advocates and workplace activism.

The Atlanta group is the 13th affiliate of the organization, which provides resources for gay employees and companies to promote equality in the workplace. More than 500 people attended the event, held inside a ballroom of Twelve at Atlantic Station.

Lesbian radio personality Melissa Carter (photo) presided over the evening, which included a tribute for the National Transgender Day of Remembrance and an extensive program calling attention to advocates and efforts to promote workplace equality.

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Georgia money went to Prop. 8 fight

Georgia residents and businesses sent $71,579 to California during the Proposition 8 ballot measure fight — with those opposing the measure to ban gay marriage sending $60,329 and those supporting the measure sending $11,250.

These amounts are taken from the California Secretary of State’s campaign finance information and include donations of $35 or more. Southern Voice utilized the Los Angeles Times’ donor tracker to determine totals for Georgia. The data available listed 308 donors.    READ MORE »

State’s high court looks at gay unions

imageYou can bet that when Leah Ward Sears, the progressive chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, planned a national summit on marriage, she didn't know it would coincide with a national uproar over same-sex unions in the wake of three more states approving gay marriage bans earlier this month.

Nevertheless, Sears held firm that the summit would include a discussion of the contentious issue when the court's Commission on Children, Marriage and Family Law held the two-day session this week.

Though the event included the Institute for American Values, whose president opposes same-sex unions, a panel discussion Wednesday also included a leading proponent of gay marriage, Jonathan Rauch, who wrote "Gay Marriage: Why it is God for Gays, Good for Straights and Good for America."

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Marriage ban goes to Calif. high court

Reporting from Los Angeles and San Francisco Jessica Garrison -- The California Supreme Court voted 6 to 1 on Wednesday to review legal challenges to Proposition 8, the voter initiative that restored a ban on same-sex marriage, but refused to permit gay weddings to resume pending a final decision.

The court may hold a hearing on the lawsuits as early as March, a timetable that scholars said was swift considering the complexity and importance of the legal issues.

The court's action, taken during a closed conference, suggested that the court wants to resolve all of the legal issues surrounding Proposition 8, including the fate of existing gay marriages, in a single ruling.    READ MORE »

EHarmony agrees to start gay match site

A settlement Wednesday between eHarmony Inc. and the New Jersey attorney general requires the online heterosexual dating service to also cater to homosexuals, raising questions about whether other services that target a niche clientele could be forced to expand their business models.

The settlement stemmed from a complaint, filed with the New Jersey attorney general's office by a gay match seeker in 2005, that eHarmony had violated his rights under the state's discrimination law by not offering a same-sex dating service. In 2007, the attorney general found probable cause that eHarmony had violated the state's Law Against Discrimination.    READ MORE »

Study: Lesbians more concerned about economy than gay men

imageThe economic malaise gripping the nation is making lesbians feel more vulnerable, though both lesbians and gay men say they are trimming their spending, according to a new poll.

Some three out of four lesbians say they feel the impact of the economic downturn will affect them and households like theirs more than others, compared to 60 percent of heterosexual women and 55 percent of gay men, according to an online Harris Interactive poll of 2,249 adults. Some 232 people in the study self-indentified as gay or lesbian.

When asked if they are reducing their spending for entertainment, 44 percent of lesbians said yes compared to 24 percent of gay men, according to the study.

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Study: Work bias laws used when available

A new study shows that complaints of workplace discrimination related to bias regarding sexual orientation are as commonplace as complaints of race-based discrimination... where anti-bias laws regarding sexual orientation exist, that is.

In a new study released Nov. 18, the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law reported that complaints (and, arguably, actual incidents) of workplace discrimination based on whether the employee was gay, lesbian, or bisexual were as prevalent as similar complaints regarding gender and race bias.


Subway chides owner over Prop. 8 support

"One down and many more to go," said Mike Rogers of in response to the successful result of pressure on the fast food chain Subway after it was disclosed that a franchisee gave $2,500 to the Yes on 8 campaign. Yes on 8 was successful in removing marriage equality from California's state constitution.

Rogers found the contribution on a list of Yes on 8 contributors compiled by the Human Rights Campaign. "When I saw a franchisee of an international company gave $2,500 to opponents of equality, I immediately knew I would require someone at the company's world HQ to address this."    READ MORE »

Gay chamber fetes ‘perfect’ firms

imageThe Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce held its Wow Wednesday last week to fete a handful of Atlanta-based companies that get it right when it comes to equality.

The Nov. 12 event celebrated companies headquartered locally that scored a perfect 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's recent Corporate Equality Index, including Cox Enterprises/Cox Communications, ING North American Insurance, Newell Rubbermaid, SunTrust Banks and United Parcel Service. Other Georgia companies that scored a 100 include Alston & Bird, ChoicePoint, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Powell Goldstein, and Troutman Sanders. Read more about the report.

View the Project Q Atlanta photo album from the event. (Photos by Lynn McStatts/Personal Paparazzi ATL and courtesy AGLCC.)

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