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A tale of two gayish Cobb County students

One gay student in Cobb County is receiving a national honor for his work to end bullying while another has dropped out of school over concerns about wearing women's clothing to class.    READ MORE »

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Wan leads cash race for Atlanta’s District 6 post

Alex Wan outpaced his five opponents for the second consecutive quarter for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council, leaving him with a distinct cash advantage in the closing weeks of the campaign.    READ MORE »

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Alex Wan raises $32,000 in District 6 council race

Alex Wan, who led the field in fundraising for the District 6 post on the Atlanta City Council earlier this year, continued his aggressive efforts at raising cash, though contributions have slowed.    READ MORE »

Cobb school tells student to dress more ‘manly’

Nearly 1,000 people have become members of "Support Jonathan," a Facebook page backing a 16-year-old Cobb student at the center of a storm over his skinny jeans, wigs and vintage clothing.    READ MORE »

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Anne Fauver’s ‘Tardy for the (Eagle) Party’

It didn't take confronting her in the paint aisle at Home Depot, but City Council member Anne Fauver finally speaks out about the Sept. 10 raid at the Eagle, the gay bar in her district.    READ MORE »

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Police defend tactics during Eagle forum [video]

A top commander of the Atlanta Police Department defended the agency’s use of the controversial Red Dog unit during bar raids, but said officers who discriminate against anyone will be fired.    READ MORE »

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City Council moves to adjust bar hours for Pride

In a move to curtail violations of the law, City Council President Lisa Borders (photo) led the charge Monday to issue a waiver of Atlanta's usual Sunday bar hours for Atlanta Pride weekend.    READ MORE »

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Police top brass to participate in Eagle forum

Top commanders from the Atlanta Police Department will sit with leaders from a handful of gay and grassroots groups during a 90-minute forum Monday about the recent raid at the Eagle.    READ MORE »

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Anne Fauver wants cameras in Piedmont Park

At least Anne Fauver is doing something in the waning months of her political career. But it's what she is doing that's troubling. First, it's taxis and now it's cameras in Piedmont Park.    READ MORE »

Kurt on ‘Glee,’ Melissa Etheridge, Buju Banton

Thursday headlines: Gay characters on rise, Melissa Etheridge's coalition, Catholic shame, No. 1 banned penguins, and what even Tasmania has on gay unions that DC and New Jersey don't.    READ MORE »

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Guest list emerging for public forum on Eagle

Who's in? Who's out? Like a teaser for an upcoming episode of "Project Runway," additional details are trickling out about the list of participants for the public forum Monday to rehash the recent Eagle raid.    READ MORE »

Committee passes Ryan White bill to Senate vote

On what was the original deadline to renew Ryan White Care Act funds or lose them, the U.S. Senate acted on a measure Wednesday that would keep the funds flowing for another four years.    READ MORE »

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Police to take part in forum about Eagle raid

UPDATED | 2:12 p.m. A grassroots anti-crime group is partnering with a gay-friendly church to host a public forum Monday about the Atlanta Police Department's Sept. 10 raid at the Eagle.    READ MORE »

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Number of gay candidates on Nov. 3 ballot hits 14

The list of openly gay candidates seeking office in metro Atlanta on the Nov. 3 ballot is up to 14 with the inclusion of a longtime Delta employee and a community activist and perennial candidate.    READ MORE »

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Eagle 8 told to return to court in early November

UPDATED | 10:55 a.m. The eight men arrested in the Sept. 10 police raid at the Eagle were told Tuesday to return to court again next month if the cases against them aren't resolved.    READ MORE »

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Georgia Equality sits out District 6 council race

Georgia Equality has endorsed 11 candidates in the current election cycle, including one for mayor and seven others for the Atlanta City Council. But it's sitting out the competitive District 6 race.    READ MORE »

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Two gay groups back Amir Farokhi’s council bid

If you wondered whether endorsements from Atlanta-based gay rights groups are coveted by candidates, take the case of Amir Farokhi's bid for the Atlanta City Council At-Large Post 2 seat.    READ MORE »

Graham Norton, Barney Frank, Westboro

Headlines: Gay Marine billboard destroyed, "Torchwood" pride, Graham Norton (photo) cracks on lesbians, Barney Frank's "Left-handed Gay Jew," and a court win for Westboro Baptist Church.    READ MORE »

Sex in a bar?: OK for ‘drunk-ass adults’

Two out of three adults in Atlanta say it's OK to have sex in a bar, preferably in the bathroom and probably only if you're drunk. Too bad the Atlanta Police Department doesn't agree.    READ MORE »

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Anne Fauver finally speaks out—about old taxis

Anne Fauver, who has yet to speak out publicly about the Sept. 10 police raid at the Eagle, did find an issue important enough for her to discuss with the public: Taxi cabs trolling Atlanta's streets.    READ MORE »