The ever-whirring creative minds at queer artist collective John Q are at it again. This time, their latest project focused on gay Atlanta, which if history holds means a one-of-a-kind experience, needs you.

The local gay men who make up John Q – Wesley Chenault, Joey Orr and Andy Ditzler (photo, left-right) – have a thing for little-known history, multi-media interactive art, and story-telling. We saw it in their MOCA GA exhibit, the about-town gay history re-enactment Memory Flash, and in their guest-edited special edition of JOSH magazine.

Now it’s time to talk about gay Atlanta history from a different perspective. A moving perspective. “The Campaign For Atlanta” will compile video, sound and still images to tell the story of queer migration from outlying regions into the city. Fascinating stuff.

But migration is constant, and if you’re a recent transplant to the area, the accompanying event later this spring could include your experience. John Q is looking for volunteers to participate and become part of gay Atlanta’s ever-evolving history and ever-changing map.

“As a way of acknowledging that queer migration is not a thing of the past, we’d like to include some LGBT voices that have moved to Atlanta recently, preferably within the last year,” Orr tells Project Q Atlanta. “If this describes you, and you’d be interested in having your voice included in this new work, please contact us at [email protected]

A venue for a big, interactive event is in the works, but the guys aren’t ready to reveal it yet.

“The collective is particularly excited about the venue, but cannot release this information, yet,” Orr says. “We will soon, though. We promise!”

In the meantime, interested newbies to the gAy-TL can e-mail John Q to express your interest in telling the story of your own queer migration. It’s a unique opportunity to share your voice in a lasting way.

Photo by Sandy Hooper via John Q