New Q reflects, reveals and refines local LGBTQ life

When done right, queer media can serve as a miror and a window. It can be a reflection of, and a revealing peek inside, LGBTQ culture that’s unlike even the most inclusive mainstream outlet.

That’s why Q takes its role by, for and about queer Atlanta so seriously.

This week’s print edition serves its reflective role in local LGBTQ life as multiple kinds of mirrors. In the rear-view variety, the Q cover package offer 10 pages of Atlanta Pride photos by our photographers. They’re a great appetizer for the 500+ Pride photos from the big weekend in our online galleries

Special shout out to our co-publisher Matt Hennie for this week’s stunner of a cover image. It depicts a rain-soaked and joyful parade grand marshal,  Royce Mann.

Q also looks at queer Atlanta in the mirror via the past in 10 Queer Things. The feature peers into Q Shots archives for Halloween costume ideas

Next, we see ourselves through the eyes of Charlie Paine. Q&A picks his brain as the LGBTQ committee chair for Historic Atlanta, and why queer history so difficult to preserve.

As a window into what’s happening right now, Q News is all over the Pride shakeup, a newly out-of-the-closet school board member, two metro counties bubbling over with queer issues, and always more fresh content, every day.

Elsewhere in your queer week, the Queer Agenda of events reflects your busy social calendar, while my Q advice column shows you can’t get busy that you lose sight of higher priorities.

As always, we’re here for your ideas as well, so shoot me a note at [email protected], and read the full issue online here:

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A previous version of this post inaccurately identified Royce Mann as a transgender teen. On the LGBTQ+ spectrum, Mann reminds Q that he is a cisgender straight and questioning ally. Q regrets the error and has apologized directly to Mann.