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Grab your heaping helping of queer culture in this edition of Q magazine, where we continue to lay out all that’s L,G, B, T and of course Q in the ATL.

This week’s cover boy is Australian pop singer, drool magnet, and controversy collector Branden Maclean. When he’s not invoking gays gone by and scat imagery for music videos, he’s an incredibly talented performer. So much so, DJ Kimber jumped at the chance to host him during her popular dance party at The Basement this week. Read our interview with both rabble rousers.

In Q Culture, Maria Helena Dolan’s “defiant lesbian” speech at the 1978 Southern Baptist convention continues to inspire. This time, it’s an absurdist narrative film Head to Head, wherein an actor playing Dolan finally comes face to face with her arch-rival, Anita Bryant. We let you in on a chance to see it first.

Speaking of queer culture, TV is undergoing a “trans”formation these days, and 10 Queer Things has the actors out front in leading roles. Likewise, Vince Shifflett is leading by example at local non-profits Q Voices, and two LGBTQ entities are joining forces to help inner city kids in Q Community.

As always, the Queer Agenda calendar has the best queer things to do this week, and Q Shots has images from recent events. In our advice column The Q,  a party boy litters the field with red flags, and the city of Atlanta reacts to a crisis it largely helped create in just one hot story from Project Q Atlanta in Q News.

It’s a lot to digest, but you can handle it. As always, you can write me about any or all of it via [email protected].  read the full issue online here:

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