New Q hits on cannabis, comedy and queer community unity

Progress seems to rockets forward in hindsight and inches along in the moment. Even as some LGBTQ advances solidify, some languish like nagging sores. It’s high time for intersectional social justice issues like medical marijuana and racial inclusion to pick up the pace.

Those two examples pop up in a few different ways in this issue of Q magazine. They’re rife for improvement and tough to die out because they’re rooted in traditional moralism and privilege. In fact, that is a key reason to move them out of the hands of tired, jaded systems and into the arms of queer self-governance.

This week’s cover story find the LGBTQ-led effort to legalize, distribute and use cannabis and its derivative products in Georgia. We look at the growth of the queer-led local industry since state laws began clearing a limited path this year, as well as a fact sheet that shows increased acceptance of wider use for cannabis and cannabis-based substances.

Speaking of bucking established systems, Mehran Khaghani is doing it on stages across the country. Khagani talks to Q about anti-color, anti-queer discrimination, all while keeping it hilarious, in his upcoming appearance at Red Clay Comedy Festival.

Still, sometimes challenges to what people need to hear come only with direct action and words. Atlanta’s LGBTQ chamber of commerce moves the gay out of its way in Q Community, and the Q advice column offers straight talk for queer conundrums.

In the week leading up to Pride, we also have the Queer Agenda calendar of upcoming events, Q Shots photos of past ones, and Q News to keep you in the loop.

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