Q ATLus finds you a little more free this Independence Day

“Today, our union is a little more perfect.” Those were Barack Obama’s words when marriage equality was affirmed in all 50 states five years ago. It was a momentous step, but it turns out the key word was “little.”

Tiny increments toward a perfect union are still mounting in 2020. Big days like marriage in 2015, or employment non-discrimination in 2020, come less frequently than most other days, but in this Independence Day issue of Q ATLus, we are, in fact, a little more free. 

In our print edition, we celebrate the Fourth of July Weekend gatherings in LGBTQ Atlanta, as well as new ways we can come together and accomplish more. Naturally, that starts with our weekly calendar of Q Events, though an increasing number are going online again. We also celebrate Georgia’s new hate crimes law.

Coverage continues with a double dose of 10 Queer Things with a mind toward uniting people this Fourth of July. The first one offers talking points for would-be straight allies, then the second talks about how to be anti-racist instead of simply non-racist. 

Speaking of pulling together, we interview the owner of Atlanta Eagle about reopening in the Coronavirus Era, which has been like aiming for a moving target for him. Then Q Voices amplifies Travis Jones on overcoming the worst parts of ingrained Southern culture, and Q Advice bites into juicy gay drama. 

Enjoy this print issue on stands or online, and pick us up again next week. In the meantime, stay up to date with fresh daily content right here on Project Q Atlanta, and write our editor at [email protected].

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