Supporters of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance unveiled a new TV ad on Monday, the latest in a multi-million dollar fight to convince voters to keep the city's non-discrimination ordinance in place.

The 30-second ad spot opens and closes with gay Houston's Rev. Michael Diaz and includes shots of several groups of people as a voiceover details what the non-discrimination ordinance does. The ad also includes the three men who allege that Midtown bar Gaslamp uses a cover charge to discriminate against black patrons.

The ad first aired on Monday morning, according to Houston Unites, the LGBT group that created it.

The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is really about giving all our neighbors a fair shot.

Where people are judged by how hard they work.

Where my neighbor can’t be fired because he served in the military or because she’s getting older.

Where families with kids aren’t denied apartments. And where no one is denied entrance because of the color of their skin.

Working hard, looking out for our neighbors, that’s what makes Houston strong. Vote yes on Proposition 1.

The diverse cast in the ad – including a priest, veteran, the elderly and a pregnant woman – represent just six of the 15 protected categories in HERO, which faces a Nov. 3 public vote thanks to a Texas Supreme Court ruling in July.

"Working hard, looking out for our neighbors – that's what makes Houston strong. Vote yes on Proposition 1," Diaz says in the ad.