NeNe Leakes, facing renewed criticism for slinging homophobic terms at gay men she dislikes, remained defiant and even mocked Andy Cohen, the gay Bravo executive who confronted her on Sunday's reunion episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Cohen challenged Leakes to explain her repeated use of "queen" during the just-concluded Season 6. Leakes tries to dismiss him with a quick, "Really?" But Cohen says her linguistic lapse offends even him.

"You said it multiple times and you said it in a derogatory fashion. It came off that way to me," Cohen says as he presses Leakes.

Leakes then goes from flippant to the non-apology apology.

"If I offended you or anyone else in the gay community, I apologize for that," Leakes says. "You guys know that I love the gays and that is the end of that. Do I need to go any further?"

Then she makes it worse, mocking her apology (and Cohen).

"What do you need me to do," Leakes asks as she badgers Cohen. "Do you need me to pull down your pants and kiss your ass?"

It just gets worse after that, which you can watch in the video clip above. But it's what gay fans have come to expect from Leakes this season. She dishes out homophobic slang – Kenya Moore calls it gay bashing – and bristles at any suggestion she's wrong. RuPaul giving her a pass just emboldens her.

It's just been that kind of season. RHOA husband Peter Thomas was also taken to task for suggesting that Moore's gay sidekick, Brandon DeShazer, isn't a "real man" (watch above). That's the same gay man Leakes set her sights on. Porsha Williams pulled a similar stunt earlier this season. Repeatedly.