imageNathan Deal whacked GOP gubernatorial rival Karen Handel on gay issues in a new TV ad, a day after he attacked her and the gay non-profit YouthPride in a campaign statement.

The broadside comes as the two, along with John Oxendine and his long history of anti-gay views and statements, are locked in a tight race to capture the GOP nomination for governor on Tuesday.

Deal (photo) has attacked Handel for her support of gay issues during her campaigns for Fulton County Commission and her tenure as Fulton County chair. But don’t go sympathizing with Handel just yet—she’s disavowed any support for LGBT issues and dismisses any recollections that she ever sought support from LGBT voters or backed their causes. In other words, she took a hard-right political turn to win office as Secretary of State in 2006 and doesn’t want to stop now.

Back to the commercial (top video): Deal uses a female narrator to attack Handel, broadening his criticism from YouthPride into domestic partner benefits and gay adoption and questioning whether she can be trusted. She can’t. But then you’re left with Deal and Oxendine, both anti-gay candidates with considerable ethics baggage to boot.

But it is enjoyable to watch Handel get thumped for her political shenanigans over LGBT issues.

Oxendine has also attacked Handel on gay issues in a recent campaign spot (bottom video).