imageThe anti-gay tone of Nathan Deal’s GOP gubernatorial campaign has earned him a rebuke from a member of his own party. Now, he’s even enraged a usually docile group of queer climbers.

Alex Rowland, an organizer of both the national Homo Climbtastic and the Georgia-based Dixie Dyno’mos, took issue with Deal’s latest campaign salvo, which took aim at runoff opponent Karen Handel but along the way demonized YouthPride. It was one of several anti-gay ads that Deal offered up on the way to Tuesday’s runoff.

YouthPride struck back. Even gay-friendly GOP state Rep. Mike Jacobs called on Deal (bottom photo) and Handel to give up the gay bashing and focus on serious issues. Heck, even the GOP electorate Deal is pandering to wants to hear more about the economy than social issues.

Rowland (top photo) had enough, too. So he shot off a sarcastic note to Deal that mocks the former Congressman for his attacks on YouthPride. It’s the P.S. that really had us laughing out loud.


Dear Nathan Deal,

I saw your recent commercial and was disturbed, no, perturbed, that Georgia’s tax dollars were being spent on YouthPride, an organization that promotes homosexuality to youth as soon as they are thirteen years old.  We should not be spending money on a group that waits that long.  At Homo Climbtastic, a group founded in the fine state of Georgia, our policy is to encourage homosexuality in children as young as two.  The first two years are spent encouraging the children to choose whatever gender they feel best represents them, and then after that, we encourage them to develop sexual attractions to that gender.  Two years is a reasonable period to prevent the possibility of gender reassignment surgery voiding all that we have worked for, but thirteen is just ridiculous.  Obviously, you should be sending your tax dollars to us, and it’s good to know Homo Climbtastic may end up with a friend in the governor’s mansion.

Kindest regards,
Alex Rowland

P.S. You must have choked on that Prop 8 ruling like a big ole wad of donkey cum.

No word if Deal responded. We think probably not.

If you want to talk politics with Rowland and the rest of the queer climbers – or just climb – they hit Stone Summit on Friday for an evening of climbing and bouldering.