Make room, Uncle Poodle. Two more of your “Honey Boo Boo” clan are dipping their toes into the LGBT pool, and they’re serving it in metro Atlanta. Welcome to the party, Mama June and Pumpkin.

The mother-daughter pair (photo) giggled and quipped through their latest TV interview in typical fashion, revealing one at a time that the Georgia reality stars are bisexual to “Inside Edition” (video below). First came daughter Lauryn Thompson.

With her mother by her side, Pumpkin used the forum to tell the world that she is bisexual, telling us, "I'm attracted to females, and I’m attracted to males. You cannot hide who you truly are.”

While Mama June Shannon was there to support her daughter, the focus quickly turned to her, as Pumpkin suddenly blurted out, "She is gay, too! June is gay, too!”

Smiling at her daughter, and not at all shocked, Mama June chimed in to clarify, “Bisexual.” June then elaborated with the comment, “I'm not going to lie, I played in the minors but never went pro” [went all the way with a woman].

Pumpkin wouldn’t let that statement go untouched, as she added, “Yeah, you did go pro.”

Pumpkin goes on to say that she’s currently trying to get back with her girlfriend but doesn’t name her. Of course June is still reeling from her scandal-ridden triangle with Honey Boo Boo’s dad Sugar Bear and an alleged molester paramour.

The potential controversy of the latest revelations about their sexual orientation doesn’t bother Mama June. – “Haters are gonna hate,” she tells “Inside Edition.”

Maybe June can finally find the love she needs in more tolerant Hampton, Ga., after the family’s move to metro Atlanta, There’ll be gossip there, sure, but since scandal is the family’s bread and butter, it’s par for the course.

And what a long and winding course it’s been with local LGBTs along for the ride. Gay uncle Lee “Poodle” Thompson alone has his own cottage industry on gay drama, from telling Fox to "kiss my big gay ass" and telling lies in interviews, to revealing that he’s HIV-positive and working drag bingo.

And then there’s Honey Boo Boo herself. Alana Thompson may break down the family’s take on LGBT acceptance best. From the mouth of the babe at the center of it all, a little ditty she calls "Everybody's a Little Gay." In this family, maybe that's meant literally.

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