A cover model for Genre Magazine who claims a series of provocative photos intended for his personal use were reprinted without his permission is suing the magazine after he says he was subjected to unwanted advances and harassment from gay men.

Benjamin Massing appeared on the magazine’s March/April cover in what he considers to be a “cruel and vulgar” shot. Now, according to Queerty.com, he’s suing the magazine and photographer Rick Day for invasion of privacy.

Massing, who is straight, is majoring in molecular biology at the University of Southern Florida. Lawyers for the 20-year-old college student say the photo spread, which flanked advertisements for sex toys and lubricant, has made it difficult for Massing to book jobs.

The suit alleges Massing has been subjected to sexual solicitations from strangers and the model claims he’s suffered humiliation and damage to his career as a result of the photo spread.

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