imageWith a new book that looks to interiors with the economy in mind and a 20th Anniversary to celebrate, home design gurus Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams (top photo) party at their Atlanta store Tuesday.

The event at the Atlanta branch of their self-named store lets Atlanta get up close and personal with the legendary pair who started as a couple and ended up as extremely successful business partners and the go-to guys for contemporary furnishings and accessories.

Bundt cake and champagne are on tap for partiers to fete not only 20 years of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams “doing business with equality for all in mind,” as they tout, but also the publication of their new book, “The Comfortable Home: How to Invest in Your Nest and Live Well for Less” (bottom photo).

imageA release promoting the book says the pair’s latest publication offers tips on maintaining style and flair in the home with a tighter budget many face these days.

In our current economy, consuming conspicuously has now taken a backseat to being smart about money. But one thing hasn’t changed—your home is still an incredibly smart investment. … Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams offer ideas on how to create a new home from scratch or simply update a few rooms.

Based on their two decades of experience, “The Comfortable Home” offers timely how-to advice, easy-to-follow step-by-steps, and inspiring photography of inviting interiors designed to help readers truly love their homes and know how to invest in them wisely.

Mitchell and Bob suggest that the key to smart investing in your home is planning. In this vein, they introduce readers to their simple yet effective approaches to color, furniture arrangement, and accessorizing, while also providing tips on how to get in touch with what you like and need before making any big decisions.

With room-by-room chapters, “The Comfortable Home” is chock-full of expert advice.

“Think about function: Consider how each room will be used before you even begin to pick furniture. Rather than focusing on aesthetics, you should determine what activities you will be doing in a particular room—watching TV, entertaining guests, relaxing with a good book.”

We’re all about style advice. But to fully appreciate the legendary style these guys really offer, we suggest toasting with them in person at Tuesday’s event.

You can read about it after you buy the book, but you can deal with that after a nice glass of champagne in gorgeously appointed surroundings. We’re all about that, too.