imageIt’s Bryan Clay versus Michael Phelps in a post-Olympic competition.

In a chase for the gold after the Olympics, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes beat out General Mills and its Wheaties. Or did they?

The money chase seems to say yes, with Kellogg’s landing Phelps thanks to its bigger marketing checkbook and seemingly bigger draw with Phelps’ eight gold medals and all.

Clay (photo) argues that he’s the better athlete, given the wider range of skills needed to take gold in the decathlon versus swimming. Winning the decathlon, after all, brings along the title of “World’s Best Athlete.” And Wheaties has him.

“When you’re talking about the best athlete in the world, I think it needs to be somebody that’s well rounded, that can do everything well,” Bryan explains to OK!. “I think that’s me at this point.”

I think the better question is this: Who would you rather gawk at while eating breakfast? I’m a big fan of Phelps. But in a contest framed this way, Clay wins easily. His box is definitely hotter.

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