With a call for “all you butch badasses to take off your shirts and put on your skirts,” Mary’s did what it does best on Saturday, turning East Atlanta’s hip gay lounge into another night of originally themed debauchery.

“Draped, minis, pleated, or just a good ol’ fashioned kilt,” the bar suggested in its invitation. “Is it an uprising trend, or do we just want easier access to your commando style? You decide! Either way, keep it breezy and bring the sleazy!”

You gotta love it. And judging by our photo gallery below, they did. DJ Diablo Rojo was on deck to “throw it down, scoop it up, spin it round, and get those asses shake-shake-shakin’,” according to the Mary’s crew.

As a special bonus, the gay Hotlanta Softball League’s party boys the Atlanta Talons held court upstairs at The Boozy Cougar Lounge.

Photos by Randall Carpenter