Stuff some model hotties into fashionable briefs, and you’ve got the sort of Easter baskets that gay men love. That’s how a holigay fundraiser was hatched on Sunday.

Brushstrokes teamed up with David magazine, Gayborhood and the Armorettes to host Men in Undies Fun-raiser at Burkhart’s after the Easter Drag Races. The event raised some $741 for Pets Are Loving Support thanks in large part to the collection of models from BJ Roosters, Bliss, Covered in Ink and others who sold their underwear to the highest bidder. The winner was rewarded with a prize: Tugging their briefs off the model’s bulging Easter basket.

Brushstrokes hosted a similar undies fundraiser in 2010 when it hosted the Frank Dandy Underwear Fashion Show with Mary Edith Pitts (view photos). That event raised $700 for her two favorite charities—Jerusalem House and the Grady Infectious Disease Program.