Consider a list of talented young attorneys in Atlanta and it's likely to include LGBT legal eagles. The Daily Report agrees, including at least two gay attorneys among its "On the Rise" honorees.

Meet Evan Glover (photo) and Drew Wooldridge, both 38 and both named among the under 40s attorneys most impressed by the local media outlet that covers all things legal. "Rising Stars" indeed.

Glover turned down an opportunity to relocate to San Francisco when his office with Sony Mobile Communications moved to Silicon Valley. Instead, he wanted to remain in Atlanta close to family and friends. So he recently took a job as in-house counsel for GE Transportation, a division of General Electric.

Via the Daily Report:

Glover has always been a high achiever. As an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, he was hired to tutor athletes in math, his major, an hourly job he took for the fringe benefit of living in the athletic dorm, complete with daily maid service and the best food on campus. He did well enough at the University of Alabama's law school to land a job at King & Spalding, where he stayed for six years before moving on to a coveted in-house position. But the GE job is the one he figures would be most pleasing to his father, a longtime General Motors executive who died last year.

"He always told me you want to work for a general company: General Motors, General Mills or General Electric," Glover says with a laugh.

He credits his mother, a teacher who died during his first year of law practice, with giving him a love of learning that inspires him to keep up with his work. "Technology evolves. You have to learn and grow with it," he says. "You can call yourself a technology expert today, but tomorrow, you won't be if you don't learn."

Wooldridge practices energy efficiency law as a partner at Troutman Sanders, which is among just 11 companies headquartered in Georgia that received a perfect score of 100 on HRC's Corporate Equality Index. He was the first in his family to attend college directly after high school and the only member of his high school graduating class in Tupelo, Miss., to attend a four-year school.

Via the Daily Report:

One of the perks about his job, he says, is that he has been able to maintain the same clients for years.

"I've been able to develop professional and personal relationships with the people I give legal advice to," Wooldridge says.

Wooldridge also serves on the board of directors of The Equality Foundation of Georgia, which aims to advance fairness, safety and opportunity for the LGBT community.

When he's not lobbying or advocating for legislation, Wooldridge says he loves to travel, joking that sometimes the only way to stop thinking about work is to "completely extricate myself from Atlanta"—or maybe even the country. "You can't think about work all the time," Wooldridge says.

His favorite country to visit is Colombia, where his husband grew up. The couple is also planning a trip to French Polynesia over Christmas break.

We love it when LGBT Atlantans make a list, whether they are Best Of, lusty queers or among the coolest in America.