The competition for metro Atlanta's sexiest police spokesman keeps getting hotter. 

There were the adorable looks of Ralph Woolfolk from the Atlanta Police Department. Never forget blond hottie and Dunwoody Officer Tim Fecht. Now meet Ted Sadowski, the spokesperson for the Duluth Police Department. He's also the agency's first-ever crime and intelligence analyst. 

Sadowski has to be the most smilingest, gym toned, hunkiest officer in the suburban police agency.

WSB caught up with Sadowski, his smile and those bulging biceps recently to talk about the agency turning to drones to help its policing efforts. Duluth is the first in metro Atlanta to turn the technology into flying patrol cars to help search for missing people, suspects on the run and thieves looking to break into your vehicles. The police department will have an officer armed with a drone on every shift on most every day of the week.

"I think they'll be used often," Sadowski told WSB.

Don't worry, though. Sadowski insisted that officers won't use the drones to sneak a peek in your bedroom. 

"We're not here to look in anyone's windows, nothing like that," Sadowski added.

Not that some in gay Atlanta would mind if Sadowski and his drone came calling. Not one bit.


Ok, ok. Settle down, thirsty.



You want to do what?



These hands make that hair look this good.



Serious face.



I do goofy smirk, too.



But you came for the smile and gun show.