Gird your loins, drag fans. Gay Atlanta’s favorite drag elimination competition returns on Wednesday with a whole new crop of talent. Get to know the Dragnique 3 contestants in their own words.

The wildly popular Dragnique 1 (view photos) and Dragnique 2 (view photos), gave a whole new meaning to fierce competition. Tthe claws and feathers come out again for Wednesday’s Season 3 debut. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” winner Raja is the guest judge and the night benefits Saint Lost and Found for LGBT youth.

Phoenix and Bubba D. Licious bring the sass with special guest judges each week and plenty of juicy challenges for their nine new “girls,” some of whom you know and others that are brand new. Dragnique headquarters Jungle promises a weekly cut until a new winner is revealed in April.

But before heads start rolling, see what this fresh crop of beauties and beasts have to say for themselves:

Evah Destruction
“I’m a very bubbly, energetic entertainer! I love to move and help the audience connect with the story I’m telling onstage. I absolutely love meeting new people and making new friends, and with that I’m really excited about this competition. I want to help people get to know Evah and help expand the next generation of drag.”
Three words: Energy, drama, beauty

Prima Alexandra
“Prima is a force, and Prima must be let out! Prima is a sultry dark beauty that loves to dance. Her performances are characterized by high energy music, fast/electro-pop choreography and legs from Venus! Prima embodies the style and grace of Beyonce, Ella Fitzgerald, Bebe Zahara Benet, Rupaul and Tina Turner all wrapped into one 6-foot, 2-inch package for the Jungle Atlanta stage.”
Three words: Consistent, poised, classy

Violet Chachki
“Violet has a true passion for glamour and style. She is anything but ordinary, possessing attitude and drive that make her stand out. She has a lot to show for and is excited to work the stage. Drag makes me happy and gives me an outlet to express myself creatively as well as showcase it. I like to have fun.”
Three words: Vamp, chic, energetic

Miami Yasmin Royale
“I am sultry hot. Think JLo if she decided to get ghetto. I am all about showing out my dancing, which I think is vital for a queen. I’m not going to say I am not bitchy (every queen has their moment!), but I will say that I am straight forward and quietly confident because stage presence is where it all bangs out. I am gonna have fun like it’s my last day on earth, hunty!”
Three words: Miami-Nightlife, Latina, Bronx Hip Hop

aRoara Thunder
“aRoara Thunder was immaculately conceived in a tragic accident involving an Austrian woman and a plate of lime jello. When she’s not sacrificing unborn fetuses to her goat god, she enjoys pilates and chemical burns.”
Three words: Wonky, classy, trainwreck

Angelique Simmonz
“I love drag, and I honestly want to showcase my talent as a performer and as a newcomer. I’m proud to be Latin, and I can also be very funny.”

Three words: Fishy, stylish, entertaining

Elea Atlanta
“I would like to make my drag more edgy. I always am comfortable with the “fishy” look and I want to change it up. I love to do illusion numbers. I am very kind and always willing to share. I love doing Top 40 songs.”

Three words: celebrity inspired, flasy, high energy

Edie Cheezburger
A member of the Armorettes, the infamous camp queens of the South, Edie has risen to the siren’s call of entertaining and solidified herself as one of Atlanta’s quirkiest queens. Forever afraid the Jones’ will keep up with her, Edie is also a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
Three words: Funny, fashionable, funky

Christina Payne Crawford
“I’m not your typical drag queen. I love to perform and entertain the audience. I’m very creative.”

Three words: Theatrical, classic, unexpected