Just as we were getting to know anti-gay wingnuts Sue Ella Deadwyler and Judy Manning, Tanya Ditty eclipsed them on Tuesday to take center stage as the latest frothy-mouthed bigot to walk the halls of the Georgia State Capitol.

Ditty (photo), state director of Concerned Women for America of Georgia, was the lone voice against a bill that would ban discrimination against the state’s LGBT employees. Six others spoke in favor of House Bill 630 during a subcommittee hearing before the panel voted 3-2 to table it and likely kill it for this legislative session.

Ditty didn’t waste a word (video), comparing gay and lesbian people to pedophiles and other criminals, and telling lawmakers about a potty break run-in she had with a cross-dressing person in a restroom.

Her bestie in anti-gay bigotry, Deadwyler, attended the hearing but didn’t speak. She prefers writing it down for supporters to read.