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Creative Loafing’s got a beef with lesbian foodie

Atlanta-based lesbian foodie, hurricane chaser and New York Times bureau chief Kim Severson is no stranger to critics of her work. But now she’s facing some friendly fire from Creative Loafing.    READ MORE »

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Former David magazine top executive arrested

A former top executive with David magazine often at the center of controversy was arrested Thursday and remains in the Fulton County Jail on at least one criminal charge.    READ MORE »

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Is Don Lemon too good for CNN? [video]

Leave it to Jon Stewart's “The Daily Show” to notice a trend and milk it. Last week, the show hilariously compiled clips of out anchor Don Lemon openly dissing gap-filling schlock on his network.    READ MORE »

Dick Yarbrough says sorry to hoop skirt homos

As far as apologies go, it sucks. But for cranky suburban columnist Dick Yarbrough, it will have to suffice. Thank goodness his wife appears to have more sense, or sensitivity, than he does.    READ MORE »

Is Michele Bachmann really a ‘hateful bitch’?

Of the wing nut Republicans slugging it out for the GOP presidential nomination, none deserve a good gay glitter bomb more than Michele Bachmann. But is she a hateful bitch?    READ MORE »

Dick Yarbrough offers anti-gay, hoop skirt screed

There he goes again. Cranky conservative Dick Yarbrough is spewing anti-gay punditry, this time comparing gays to people who cruise the state in hoop skirts.    READ MORE »

We want you: vote in Fenuxe ‘Best of Atlanta’

Fenuxe Magazine unveils the finalists and opens the voting in dozens of LGBT and allied business categories in its first Best of Atlanta reader poll, and we’re proud to say the finalists include us.    READ MORE »

Nominate your faves in Fenuxe’s ‘Best Of’ poll

Does the gay dollar have power in the Movement? And what local businesses are the best of the best? The guys at Fenuxe want to know and seek nominations in the Fenuxe Best Of Atlanta poll.    READ MORE »

Ain’t too proud to beg: vote us ‘Best of Atlanta’

The individual campaigns are in full swing for nominations in the GA Voice’s “Best of Atlanta” survey. Project Q Atlanta won Best Gay Blog last year, and we’d love your help to become a finalist again.    READ MORE »

Where David magazine goes, trouble follows

This is all too familiar: The publishers of David face staff revolts and accusations of mismanagement. The boss fires back. What’s new? The drama is unfolding inside the magazine’s Florida operation.    READ MORE »

Fenuxe fires up anniversary celebration [photos]

Guests clamored for tickets to Friday’s Fire Party, a swanky celebration of Fenuxe’s one-year anniversary, to get a load of fire breathers, performers, complimentary cocktails, and a silent auction.    READ MORE »

David Gest? Not gay. The Loaf says so. Sort of.

Atlanta-based sex guru Mike Alvear ruffles feathers. David Gest, Liza’s ex, fends off speculation he’s gay with veracity second only to Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Mix the two and it gets combustible.    READ MORE »

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How do you follow Project Q Atlanta? Let us count the ways: Facebook, Twitter, RSS and more. We make it easy to stalk us online so you can keep up with our distinct take on Atlanta's gay news.    READ MORE »

JL King teaches ‘Black Gay 101’ in new column

JL King, the Atlanta resident and author best known for revealing the “Down Low” to Middle America on "Oprah," brings his life lessons to black magazine Rolling Out with a new column.    READ MORE »

Southern Voice may resurface in early February

If you’ve been on a Southern Voice death watch, consider this: The once weekly mainstay of gay readers, missing since December, will return just before Valentine’s Day. Love that, naysayers.    READ MORE »

AJC gets GLAAD nod for gay coverage. Really?

”Glee.” “True Blood.” “Modern Family.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Which one of these doesn’t belong with the others? It’s a list that’s left some Atlanta media watchers scratching their head.    READ MORE »

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Weird Science 2: ATL falls as ‘gayest U.S. city’

After Atlanta was named the “gayest city in the U.S.” last year in a folly, er, “study," the 2011 ranking puts us at No. 7 with even more egregious inaccuracies. We’re not worried about it.    READ MORE »

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Cross-dressing purse snatcher titillates media

A cross-dressing, purse-snatching Mexican managed to do what most others only dream of: Distract Atlanta media from fear-mongering over snow to fear monger over "transvestite" immigrants.    READ MORE »

Who’s hot? Gays wanted for 2011 Lust Lists

Even Atlantans who don’t wax over heart-shaped thoughts of Valentine’s Day do pore over Creative Loafing’s annual gay-inclusive Lust List. This year, Fenuxe makes the concept even gayer.    READ MORE »