imageWe’d all like to think we are as cool as the guys at Mary’s. But let’s face it, no matter how much you say, “We partied like rock stars,” this East Atlanta bar actually does it—all the time and with another brainstorm idea on Friday.

With a continuing lineup of the most original programming in gay Atlanta nightlife, and a hip crowd of alterna-queers who play well with others, nobody does it like Mary’s.

They take the old Monty Python adage, “and now for something completely different,” and deliver, mixing it up often enough to earn them national recognition and honors, including most recently Out’s “The 60 Greatest Gay Bars in the World.”

And the twisted geniuses behind Mary’s madness are uppping the ante—again—with Friday’s Queers Beers and Rears Party, a visiting bit of mayhem from New York.

This hole in the wall in a strip center just happens to know its audience better than the patrons even know themselves. So they don’t have to say much to get us there. The digital invite entices with the name of the party, of course, then only offers this bit of detail:

“It’s one night only, and it’s gonna be a hot mess, so don’t miss out! Queer Punk Disco Dance Party, yo!”

imageWe can’t say no, but we did a little research and found out more in case you still need some convincing.

Known for raising the roof and rockin’ whatever house they’re in, QxBxRx—that’s how the cool people write it—started in Brooklyn in 2007, and now they host the Cake Shop monthly parties for the cool East Villagers and other NYC skinny jean wearers. Throw in some uber-emo Rock & Roll GoGo Boys (bottom photo), and it is, indeed, the aforementioned hot mess.

In New York, Queers Beers and Rears is the brainchild of three guys (top photo, l-r): Go-Karff (Erik Karff), A. Martini (Andrew Martini) and Sir Loins (Stephen Crowe).

Sir Loins is the one making the Atlanta trip and will choose the tunes. In addition to their parties, the QxBxRx guys put their other services this way on their website:

“We’re all available to DJ your parties, nights, art openings, special events, house parties, weddings, and funerals.”

Funerals? Good to know. Could even be worth killing somebody so you could plan it in advance… Naw!

Enough chatter, already. Here’s a video that says it all and should seal the deal:

QxBxRx!! from REGULARMOTION on Vimeo.