Every gay who’s any gay – and their mother, and their dog, and their aunt Rosie – knows that comic Margaret Cho loves her gays. She rolls hard with them in Atlanta, including her latest podcast with our favorite local LGBT laugh-riot Ian Aber.

Cho and her “Monsters of Talk” co-host Jim Short cozy up to gay Atlanta comedian Aber in a recent episode of their podcast. Episode 69, no less. It's recorded at the place that in the podcast Cho calls her "second home," Atlanta's Laughing Skull Lounge. That's where Aber welcomes nationally touring acts including a ton of LGBT and gay-friendly comics on a regular basis.

During the chat (listen below), we get to hang with our hag – who loves the gAy-TL, a lot, when she's in town filming "Drop Dead Diva" – and learn more than ever about Aber as well. Like how brunch is gay church, how prayer circles for herpes go down at Chick-fil-A and more.

"I kind of act at the ambassador of brunch,” Aber tells Project Q. “I talk about working at Chick-fil-a as a teenager, flirting with a guy as a teen using Smiths lyrics, why i love guys with Southern accents.”

We’re in. You will be too.



Photo by Jim Short via Facebook