Lumbersexuals ready to give Heretic the ManShaft

You’ve been caught in the woods with these guys before. You’d think with prior knowledge that you’d be ready, but nothing ever quite prepares us for ManShaft, set for Saturday at Heretic.

The queer party that plants its tongue firmly in the cheek of male archetypes returns, and gay men are already stripping the sleeves off flannel, unflapping union suits, fastening suspenders, and opening the flies on their button-flies for the quarterly event. Meanwhile, event mastermind DJ Diablo Rojo again prepares the backdrop with hard-driving grooves from multiple DJs, vintage men’s films, and a theme that seems to capture so many gay imaginations.

It’s mainly a boy’s night out, but the crowd will never turn away anyone looking to have a good time. Expect the crowd to play the part and working the theme to the hilt.

“Flannel shirts, union suits, skull caps, men squeezed into their signature tight jeans and a hot log jam of furry chests and faces, hot daddies and their boys, wolves, bears and their cubs, otters … and you!” Rojo says.

But ManShaft is more than dancing bears. It’s also got a charity aspect benefiting LGBTQ Atlanta charities, Sisters in nun drag, queers of every ilk, and a fun, truly open vibe that only select events can muster.

So slap on a trucker cap and call yourself butch, at least for a night, and enjoy our round up of the details.

Shapes & Sizes

ManShaft is designed to bring all facets of the community together through the introduction of “theme” participation instead of focusing on a "body type,” leaving no room for shaming.

Down to Earth

ManShaft is down to earth and all about having fun. It’s social over circuit, so forget what you heard.

Audio Visual

The red devil host himself plays the main set, of course, with vintage men’s films, rock & roll, disco, house, electro, remixes, and mash-ups of old and new. But that doesn’t happen before DJ Eric sets him up at the Big Wood Happy Hour. Then DJ Neon the Glowgobear knocks em down from 11:30 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Fun & Fundraising

There will be a clothes and coat check available as the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence raise funds for their ongoing charities. As always,100 percent of those proceeds and other little Sisters surprises go to LGBTQ Atlanta charities.

Tease, Please

Rojo also put out a teaser vid just to get you excited.


ManShaft: Lumberjack Edition takes place February 24 at Heretic. Big Wood Happy Hour starts at 9 p.m., then Rojo before Glowgobear spins starting at 11:30 p.m.

This article originally appeared in Q magazine. Pick up your hard copy around town, and read the full issue below: