The gay Atlanta fitness trainer trying to win over the other gay Atlanta man at the center of Logo's "Finding Prince Charming" was quickly eliminated in the reality dating show's first episode. 

And that makes you wonder if Brodney McClinton knew more about Robert Sepulveda Jr.'s "cagey" background than other contestants – or even Logo – thanks to them both living in Atlanta. 

On Thursday's premiere episode, Sepulveda seemed excited about the possible pairing. McClinton, after finding out Sepulveda was "Prince Charming," was reserved.

"On paper Brodney is a perfect match," Sepulveda said on the show ahead of a poolside chat with McClinton. "He lives in Atlanta. He's a personal trainer. He definitely has an amazing body. I wanted to connect with him from the moment I saw him."

McClinton? Not so much.

"I can't figure it out. He doesn't make eye contact. There's something there that isn't clicking," Sepulveda said. 

Earlier in the episode, McClinton tells one of the other suitors that he regularly sees Sepulveda in the gym back in Atlanta – likely LA Fitness in Ansley Mall. And maybe that's the hint that McClinton knows more about Sepulveda than the others thanks to their proximity in Atlanta. And there's plenty to know. 

But McClinton, ever a gentleman, isn't saying. He played it off as being shy and reserved around new guys – "until he's comfortable."

"If I don't feel safe enough to open up, I'm not going to do it," McClinton said on the show.

So Sepulveda – given the choice of offering the last remaining slot to McClinton or Paul Hollowell – goes with Hollowell and sends McClinton back to Atlanta. But not before McClinton throws a little side-eye at Hollowell – one of the funnier moments of the episode. (Watch above)

McClinton and Sepulveda hug as "Prince Charming" quips, "See you in Atlanta." Won't that be fun.

By Friday, McClinton was taking the rejection in stride. In a Facebook post, he wished the remaining suitors the best

still wishing the best for all the guys in the race on #FindingPrinceCharming, and I appreciate the influx of texts, dms and calls last night...but trust me, it's ALL GOOD over here!! The experience was amazing but like any blind date, sometimes you see it and sometimes you don't, and well... In other news, I can date again!!!

As for Hollowell and Sepulveda, they get another chance on Thursday. Interesting note: I ran into Sepulveda outside QuikTrip on Peachtree Street in Midtown late on a Friday night in early August. It was in passing but the man on his arm made quite an impression. Enough that weeks later, I'm pretty certain I recognized him on the Logo show – Hollowell.

And Hollowell, a Dallas businessman, just happened to be in town about that time for his first trip to Atlanta. Coincidence? Or did he outlast all the other suitors and snag his "Prince Charming?"