It’s official. A gay Atlanta man and sexy selfie expert is the prince of Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming” and two of his suitors on the reality dating show are also from Atlanta. 

Logo loves some Atlanta drag queens for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and the network leaned heavily on the city again for this new show, which debuts on Sept. 8. It features 33-year-old interior designer Robert Sepulveda Jr., as its heartthrob who will be pursued by 13 suitors – two of which are also from gay Atlanta. 

Speculation focused on Sepulveda (photo) as the “Bachelor”-like show’s center of attention earlier this summer. This week, Logo made it official by unveiling Sepulveda, his suitors and intro videos for all of the men. Lance Bass will host.

In his promo video, Sepulveda chats about owning his own design firm, running a non-profit (it’s no longer active) and the upcoming launch of a home collection line. 

“I know that coming on a show isn’t the most conventional of ways of finding love but I am ready to do something different,” Sepulveda says.

Beware, potential suitors. Sepulveda is busy. Traveling. Working. And not doing the “social apps” or the bars. Seriously. He says so in the video.

“I travel a lot for work. I’m really busy. I’d like to find someone that’s on my schedule. I travel so much. I have a lot going on,” he adds.

Sepulveda admits to being nervous about eliminating his potential suitors on the show. But somehow, he’ll manage because it’s for love. Or looks. Or something.

“My next partner definitely has to be humble and sincere, honest, loyal. Good looking is always great but if somebody is authentic and sweet and loving, great family values – that gets my attention,” he says.



Of the 13 men that will pursue him on the show, two have Atlanta ties. One, 34-year-old Brodney McClinton, is a personal trainer. And the other, Danique, is from Atlanta but now lives in Los Angeles.



A confident personal trainer who considers himself as “a true Libra,” Brodney values balance in his life.



Looking for someone who works hard and plays hard, this Atlanta business analyst has been single for 11 years.