This time last year, no one could have known that a missing Atlanta queen could work out so well – for her, for gay Atlanta, and for “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Now another local lovely is AWOL and tongues are wagging.

It’s been a year since we told you Violet Chachki, well known in Atlanta circles but not the “RuPaul” winner trotting the globe today, was likely in L.A. filming Season 7 of the show. Not in Ecuador. And it was a long road until … well, you know what happened.

Now another Georgia queen with Atlanta roots may be on the same boat to South America. Dax – aka Dax Clamation and Dax ExclamationPoint (photos) – posted her last social media missive on July 5.

Dax was a favorite in gay Atlanta for raising fabulous drag to an art, serving long and leggy at fundraisers (right) or alternaqueer events, and an all-around bigger-than-life personality. Now the native Atlantan calls Savannah home and brings the Legendary Children vibe to our Southern sisters.

That is, when the Divine D is not missing in action. Like Chachki, a near-daily flood of posts just stopped cold after a final post. Of course, that could mean anything, but we’re not the only ones whose minds jump to “Drag Race.”

The RuPaul’s Drag Race sub-Reddit that called the whole cast last year is on the case again. The RPDR NancyDrews currently have Dax on the second-highest tier of possibilities for Season 8, but commenters say she should be bumped up to the Likely List.

Atlanta’s Legendary Children troupe thinks so too.



Help! Our Savannah sister @daxclamation is missing and we think #rupaul took her ! Maybe? Or this is really awkward #rpdr #rpdr8

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Playing coy, but they might actually know. Or not, but still: Those Reddit bitches are all over that shit. Rest assured, we will stay tuned and keep you abreast of the Season 8 situation. Since the beginning and for every Atlanta queen who’s come to pass on the show so far, it’s kind of our thing.