Lil’ Kim knows how to make Black Gay Pride memorable.

imageThe rapper, in town this weekend for two Pure Heat gigs as part of the unofficial nightlife side of the annual celebration, went shoeless during one performance and—with the help of friends Toccara Jones and Anessa—swung her legs so wide while performing seated in a chair that she nearly flashed her vajayjay. Only her well-placed left hand covered up the goods.

But unofficial reports say she performed to crowds that topped 4,000 women during one performance and more than 5,000 guys at a second. At which performance the vajayjay appeared isn’t clear, though it’s likely to be more popular at the lesbian event.

For the gay boys, though, she stood for photos with a collection of shirtless calendar hunks. No vajayjay involved.

(More photos via Gossip on This and FreddyO)