LGBTQ women who love women reveal 10 things about their sex lives

As a supplement to Q's own queer Atlanta sex survey, we went to some trusted sources for revelations specifically about lesbian sex.

Here's the scoop, directly from cis and trans-identified women who have sex with women.

Self Love

Nearly half of lesbians (44%) masturbate multiple times per week, but only 8% every day. 


How Many?

About a third of respondents have sex multiple times per week, and about a quarter enjoy a partner or partners multiple times per month. Third place finds about 20% of female-identified queers who have sex with women have sex less than once a month. Feast or famine.


More Climaxes

Female-identified queers orgasm during 75% of their experiences. Straight women only 62%.


Make It Last

A whopping 84% of lesbian sexual experiences last more than 30 minutes, a third of those over an hour, and most of them in every room of the house.


Monogamy is Hot

Some 66% of lesbian-identified females who orgasm at least once per sexual encounter are monogamous with one partner. Only half of non-monogamous ones orgasm every time.


Scissor Who?

Only about 40% of lesbian-identified women scissor as a regular part of sex. Oral and hand touch are far more common, with toys in third.


Not That

Despite what guys – expecially straight ones – think, dildos, vibrators and strap-ons aren’t penises. Bonus: Lesbians can buy them in exactly the right size for them.


Talk It Out

Lesbians who talk about sex regularly have an orgasm rate of 86%. Communication leads to better sex. Duh!


Female Ejaculation

Nearly half of lesbians have never squirted, a third have, about 10% aren’t sure, and of those that do 85% do it almost every time.



In alignment with women in the general population, a little less than a third of queer women prefer porn, and a little more than half can’t stand it. For those that do, the issue is finding some that’s not performative for a male audience.

Sources: Kinsey Institute, Reddit, Autostraddle

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