LGBTQ Atlanta gets back to business with return of Q ‘ATLus’

Welcome back! It’s been a whirlwind spring since Q put out its final pre-quarantine print edition and hunkered down online with daily content on everything LGBTQ in the ATL. Like Atlanta itself, we come out the other side stronger, more determined, and not without being permanently changed for the better.

To better serve the post-COVID community, Q turns our attention first to coming back to life and getting down to business in a new era. We talk to LGBTQ business owners doing just that. We also switched to a 6" x 9" digest size to be more economical, and we added “Atlus” to our name.  

That spelling isn't a typo or misprint. ATLus is “ATL” and it’s “Us,” because we’re in this together. And the word atlas, because we’re still your guide to everything and everyone in the local village. 

For the record and as always, that means a commitment to diversity in our contributors and coverage. It also specifically means anti-racism and unyielding support of social justice reforms for our black and brown brothers and sisters.

Start flipping pages to see our first business spotlights, a new Q events calendar and community map, the weekly features you love, and of course the advertisers who support you through thick and thin. 

As Q and you advance into the new era, look for our return to print each week from here on out, and as always, online every day right here on Project Q Atlanta. We are glad to be back.

Reach me directly at [email protected], and read the latest issue online here:

Pick up each new edition of Q ATLus at LGBTQ and allied venues around Atlanta.