Trying to deliver a little spiritual growth, gay-style, to conservative Cobb County may prove tougher than Rev. NaDine Rawls expected. The response from this lesbian pastor? “Watch me.”

Cobb isn’t so friendly to lesbian tennis players. It’s also the stomping ground of Judy Manning, Tanya Ditty, Sam Olens and the ghost of Bobby Franklin. Even corrupt Eagle raid cops go there to drink. But Rawls isn’t dissuaded, moving ahead with plans to launch Free to Be Ministries on July 15.

“We will encourage people to be the individual God created them to be, without apology. God did not create GLBT persons to hate themselves,” Rawls says in a prepared statement.

But news of the LGBT ministry erupted into a debate on Patch that unearthed the vitriol she’s hoping to combat.

God’s Word is Truth! nadine rawls soul is at stake and the others that she’s deceiving with this garbage. I pray for them.

And then there’s this from a small-minded Christian who quotes Biblical verses on his way to confirming that he’s small minded.

It’s so sad those who want to ignore the sin that is homosexuality by calling Christians “small minded”. 
There are those who like to say that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. Various verses are cited (out of context), and the verses that people use to show that homosexuality is wrong are explained away. The world wants to change God’s words and meanings into something more suitable to its sinful desires.

Homosexuality is clearly condemned by the Bible. It goes against the created order of God who created Adam, a man, and then made Eve, a woman. This is what God has ordained as the normal means by which we carry out his command to fill the earth (Gen. 1:28). What God has set up is what is right—not what sinful man sets up.

Oh, wait. Rawls faces this, too: Being gay is a birth defect.

The reason I ask that we consider homosexuality a birth defect, or a mental disorder because this human design that you are talking about will not carry on our species as humans. If you and I was the last people on the planet of our species, what will be the future of the human races? I will think that you will consider one of us defective. I will consider both of us defective. You a mental disorder, and me a physical disorder because until today I can’t have kids. Maybe one day God will see fit to do a mircle on both of us.

Rawls says that she’ll deal with the backlash “when it happens.” Here it is, reverend. Here it is.

Free to Be Ministries is scheduled to open July 15 at 3379 Canton Road in Marietta. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for details.