Sugary-sweet, lesbian-owned Highland Bakery earns its rave reviews from customers. It’s pretty adept at snatching some critical acclaim, too, the latest being dubbed one of Eater’s elite.

Stacey Eames’ bakery hosts LGBT benefits, is a favorite of Melissa Carter and even gets a little love from the foodies at the New York Times. Now, it’s among Eater’s “38 Essential Atlanta Restaurants” announced on Tuesday.

This highly elite group covers the entire city, spans myriad cuisines, and collectively satisfies all of your restaurant needs, save for those occasions when you absolutely must spend half a paycheck.

And what drew Eater to Highland Bakery couldn’t be any gayer: brunch.

A truly great brunch experience. At some point you must try the Peanut Butter French Toast. Be sure to check out the Buckhead location as well.

Photo courtesy Highland Bakery