Gay Atlanta's dancing queens can be tough to please. So Jungle wants you to hear this, loud and clear: The cavernous club unveils a new sound system this weekend as it toasts its favorite queen with a big-name DJ.

The new system focuses not on decibels but on clarity and quality to heighten the experience on the dance floor, says Richard Cherskov, Jungle’s owner.

"It's very clear, very focused and we are excited about that," Cherskov says. "We are not looking for louder. We are looking for clarity and a better feel for the music."

And who better to put the sound system – with its new amps, speakers, cables, custom base cabinets on the floor and high-range speakers dangling from the rafters – to the test than powerhouse DJ Paulo. The Portugal-born, Los Angeles-bred Paulo is versatile enough to handle the challenge as he's done at the bar night after night after night.

But Saturday's unveiling of the new sound system isn't just about speakers. Or Paulo. It's also to celebrate the birthday of Phoenix, whose endless wigs and fierce attitude win us over every time she takes the stage. Mix it all together and you get fierce. Seriously. The club has dubbed the evening, "A Night in White for Phoenix. Celebrating Pure Fierceness."

Pure Groove Systems designed a custom remake of the sound system for Jungle, which had relied on components installed when the space was called something else. (Hint: Jungle celebrated its 10th anniversary last year.)

So yeah, it was time for an upgrade.

"Instead of switching out parts for repairs, we decided to go whole hog and do an entirely new custom designed sound system from Pure Groove. It gives us the same amount of sound. It's more about engineering the sound to fit the room properly," Cherskov says.

Cherskov declined to say how much the new system cost. But the club isn't shy about reinvesting in itself, spending some $250,000 in 2012 to rehab and expand the venue.

And with Paulo and Phoenix on tap for an evening of celebration, this weekend provides the perfect chance to put the new system to work, Cherskov says.

"We are bringing in the big guns for the first night," he says.

(Photo of Phoenix and DJ Paulo by Laura Baccus Studio)