A whole weekend of legendary DJs at gay Atlanta’s best night spots wouldn’t be up to snuff without the talents of DJ Joe Gauthreaux. Peach Party organizers were on it, slating him for a primetime Saturday set at Jungle.

The sexy spin meister laid down the tracks to awaken the crowd’s inner dance divas in the second of six Peach Party installments at multiple venues Friday through Sunday. Gauthreux followed DJ Tony Moran’s Friday set at Heretic.

The night also included a special performance by local drag diva and former “RuPaul’s” contestant Phoenix. Gauthreaux told Project Q that he was ready for his Georgia peaches before he got here.

Atlanta is always like a second home to me because I know so many people there. From the young kids that I see all the time to the faces that maybe only come out when I come to town because their lives have taken them in another direction, it's nice to see all the years of playing in one place come together on the dance floor.

The night lived up to his prediction. After he rocked the house, Gauthreaux stuck around all weekend to enjoy the Peach Party festivities after his set as a spectator:

Photos by Russ Youngblood