State Sen. Josh McKoon – the hate face of anti-gay "religious freedom" legislation in Georgia – dismissed the medical needs of transgender service members as "absurd" and illegitimate.

His latest rant came Monday, showing the state lawmaker is no longer content to only harass LGBT people during the legislative session. He now wants to try his hand at trolling during Pride, too.

McKoon offered his comments to WTYM in Columbus, which includes his state Senate district, for a story about transgender members of the military. The Pentagon lifted its ban on transgender service members in June. As part of the rollout of the policy change, in October transgender military members are able to seek transgender-related care and medical treatment as part of their government-provided health insurance plans.

That's the same benefit provided to civilian federal employees, who have access to a health insurance plan that provides comprehensive coverage for transgender-related care and medical treatment, according to the Department of Defense.

Nevermind that. McKoon went ballistic. Via WTVM:

"This is absolutely absurd, and I certainly hope our congressional delegation in Washington will be pushing back against it," said Georgia Senator Josh McKoon of Columbus.

"We are all about taking care of our armed forces and making sure that their legitimate medical needs are met and we're not doing that well now. So, the idea that we would take any dollar away from that mission to pay for elective surgery is infuriating," said McKoon.

And McKoon promoted the WTVM story like this:


McKoon is a bit fact-challenged. Again. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has said the coverage is for medically-necessary treatment and care:

“This is inconsistent with our promise to all our troops that we will take care of them and pay for necessary medical treatment,” the secretary said, adding that Rand found health care costs would represent “an exceedingly small proportion” of DoD’s overall health care expenditures.

McKoon – who questions if LGBT discrimination even exists despite proving it when he opens his mouth – is quickly developing a dismal record on trans issues. Earlier this year, McKoon implied that transgender students are criminals who threaten the safety of other students. That came in response to federal guidelines concerning the safety of transgender students, which McKoon threatened with a legislative response in 2017. Via the AJC:

“We have enough problems educating our children without introducing this problem into the equation,” he said.

McKoon said unless something changes, he expects the General Assembly to address the bathroom issue in next year’s session, a sentiment shared by several other lawmakers since the directive became public. McKoon said he will file legislation waiving the state’s right to be protected from lawsuits if someone is “victimized” in a bathroom.

“I want to make sure they are able to sue the government on this …. we’ve got to make it clear if these policies are put in place and these children are put as risk,” he said. “I want to make sure if and when there are children who are victimized, their parents are going to be able to get legal relief.”