Every gay who’s any gay in Atlanta knows where to get a cold brew on a hot day and enjoy it from a good patio. Now it’s official: Joe’s on Juniper is among the city’s best places to do just that.

When the gay-loving alt-weekly Creative Loafing sets its sights on outdoor brews, it couldn’t help but notice Joe’s among its 16 patios great for beer-drinking in Atlanta.

Joe’s on Juniper

Popular gay restaurant for drinks, basic bar food, and a lively patio in the heart of Midtown.

Short and sweet, and giggles for "basic." But before you say, “Well, Joe’s isn’t technically gay-owned, and in fact restaurants can’t be gay,” take another look. Anyone who says Joe’s isn’t a gay restaurant isn’t thinking it through. With its size queen pleasing, gay waiter disappointing, softball jock mayheming and gay candidate backing, Joe’s is gayer than Johnny Weir riding a rainbow unicorn to a Tegan & Sara concert. Almost.

Joe’s hits the list with hipster intown spots like Elmyriachi, the Highlander, and 5 Seasons, to name but a few. Of course, gay Atlanta knows that the list should also include the beer-busting gay jocks at Frog’s, that big deck party at Henry’s and those Sunday Funday juggernauts at Ten, just for starters. 

[Creative Loafing]