Latest Q magazine hits Atlanta with your big, queer reset button

The frantic rush of anticipation and celebration over the last month reminds me of a drain funnel. After running in circles of atypical activity, people slowly wind back down into queer Atlanta’s inner circle of reality and routine.

Whether the holidays were good or bad, January brings us home with a chance to take a breath and press reset, but with everything we’ve learned in tow.

Q coverboy Chad Darnell can relate. 

The actor, writer, casting agent and arts advocate is from Atlanta. He also called gay Midtown home in the ‘90s. Llife’s queer whirlwind spun him out to L.A., and he didn’t land back in Atlanta, via a stint in Savannah, until 2018. He’s back, and he’s got experience with Hedwig and Hollywood to hone his homecoming. 

As Darnell prepares to take on the iconic title role of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Pinch ‘N’ Ouch Theatre, he talks to us about coming home — to to a role he's embraced before, to an Atlanta with a film industry, to a Midtown with a facelift, and to an LGBTQ-ATL that has changed for both better and worse.

If 2018 was a bit more of the “better” than “worse” for you, it's time to clear your palate as well. Queer things to look forward to in 2019 include a promising stock of LGBTQ entertainment in the Q Pop Preview of movies, TV, music and books from Rocketman to Wonder Woman and beyond.

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While Q is keeping things fresh in 2019, you can still find the best advice and insight into LGBTQ issues and relationships in the Q Voices opinion pieces and The Q advice column. You also know the best resource for local Q News of interest is here, and it’s updated daily on here on Project Q Atlanta.

So if you’ve been, or even just felt, far-flung these past few weeks, welcome home to Q! Flip through the latest edition below.



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