imageThe Georgia Supreme Court is no stranger to cases involving gay folks. But most of the time, it’s defendants who killed someone. Are the justices ready for a rapping, gay journalist who’s not afraid to show a little skin in a Pride parade?

Matthew Cardinale, the gay scribe behind the Atlanta Progressive News, is a nag. Really – ask Alex Wan and his colleagues on the Atlanta City Council. If Cardinale isn’t grading their performance, he’s suing them over closed-door votes he argues shouldn’t be.

And that’s how Cardinale will end up before the state’s high court. The justices on Monday agreed to hear Cardinale’s lawsuit, which he filed after the Council took a vote during a retreat in February 2010 to limit public comment at committee meetings. That’s what also led to Cardinale’s debut as a rapper – at a council meeting.

The court, focused more on the issue and less on the entertainment value of the personalities involved, took the case and is expected to hear arguments in October. Cardinale isn’t an attorney, but plans on presenting the case himself. Will he rap his arguments to the justices?

“If you engage the process ... sometimes the Supreme Court will hear you. That’s great for citizens to know” Cardinale tells Patch.

But will they feel you?

Photo courtesy Joeff Davis, Creative Loafing